Q&A Minisode: How to Fight Sugar Cravings


If you haven’t already heard, we’re starting a Q&A section on our podcast. You can record your questions right into the podcast page on our website, and we’ll record our reply into a mini-episode. You can also record questions on your phone, and send to us as a voice-note.

This weeks question is about sugar addition. The listener asks what she can do about fighting those pesky sugar cravings throughout the day.

If you’ve ever felt that sugar had a grip on you that you just can’t kick, this episode is for you. In this minisode, we provide tips and tricks that work for our patients (and us) to help fight sugar cravings and subsequently lower the amount of added sugar in their diets.

Here are 5 key things you will take away from this episode:

  • The first 3 questions Jess asks all of her patients who feel “addicted to sugar”
  • What causes sugar cravings and what you can do to prevent them
  • Why listening to your body always comes first
  • Why everything (including sugar) is okay in moderation, and what exactly moderation is anyway
  • 4 easy tips for trying to reduce sugar cravings on a daily basis (including a cravings journal)

After listening to the episode, we want to keep the conversation going. Is there anything that YOU are doing to help fight sugar cravings that we didn’t mention here? If so let us know in the comments below! Also, if there is anyone else who has struggled with sugar addition, do us a favor and forward this episode to them.